Recently, a popular local radio station hosted a contest for the angriest looking face at rest. I immediately thought of an old acquaintance of mine who had the heaviest, most angled brows of anyone I knew. Even when he was happy, he looked angry. In fact, rumor had it that he could not get the blessing of his girlfriend's parents to get married because they thought he looked so mean.

As we discussed in a previous blog, people are greatly influenced by first impressions, and those impressions often come from facial expressions influenced by your eyes and brows. Angled furrowed brows are seen as signs of anger or displeasure. The persistence of this look can, unfortunately, have a negative impact on one’s relationships.

Fortunately, small adjustments can be made to the eyelids and brows that can alter these mistaken perceptions. Botox injections and surgical procedures can be used to shape the lids and brows, resulting in a friendlier appearance.

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Dr. Jerry Lai, MD General Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon