A very effective advertising campaign by a popular fried chicken restaurant chain is promoting boneless fried chicken by showing the panicked expressions of people who believe they have eaten the bones of the chicken when they see their empty plate. One particularly gentleman sports a deeply wrinkled forehead that rivals that of a Shar-Pei to make the point.

While having a wrinkled forehead may be great for humorous ads, it can be a negative in our everyday social interactions. Wrinkles can convey a sense of worry, and that can be interpreted as a person lacking confidence. Or, they can communicate a general sense of unease.

People often try to mitigate forehead lines with Botox treatments. Yet, they may be missing the root cause: droopy eyelids. Think of it: When someone has lids that droop enough to interfere with their vision, he will subconsciously raise his brows, and in the process wrinkle his forehead in order to help keep the upper eyelids from blocking his view.

If you find that you are frequently raising your brows and wrinkling your forehead, consider that this may be a sign of serious eyelid droop. The easiest way to test this hypothesis is to close your eyes and hold your fingers firmly above your eyebrows. After you open your eyes again, if you feel a strong urge to push up your brows, or if your lids appear droopy as you hold your brows in place, this could be a sign of a significant droopy upper eyelid condition.

If you are plagued by droopy upper lids and would like to address forehead wrinkling, please contact us.

Dr. Jerry Lai, MD General Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon