Contact lenses have come a long way in a short amount of time.  The largest trend I've seen in the past few years has been a shift to daily disposable lenses.  These days every contact lens manufacturer has their own stockpile of daily disposable lenses, each with their own strengths.

There are many benefits to wearing a daily disposable lens.  We get build up on our lenses everyday such as microorganisms, allergens, pollutants, and tear film protein.  A daily lens eliminates re-inserting those potentially harmful agents and prevents infections.  Additionally, the debris collected on a contact lens over time can cause discomfort which is why you feel the need to throw away your monthly lens before the 30 days is up.  Another advantage to daily disposables is the convenience factor.  Most patients do not like to bother with rubbing, rinsing, and storing their lenses every single night.  Some patients even find irritation with certain cleansing solutions.  Many of my patients frequently travel for business and they have found it a relief to do away with carrying solution on their journey.  Thus health, comfort, and convenience are the chief reasons I prescribe dailies.

While many of my patients are happy in their current monthly and biweekly contact lenses, there are times when someone will complain about dryness and comfort.  These may be middle aged patients who suffer from dry eyes or professionals who work on a computer all day.  It is also possible that the patient has already converted into a daily lens but still does not find significant relief.  In these cases there is a lens that comes to mind where I have found success in providing all day comfort.  Last year Alcon debuted Dailies Total 1.  The lens contains the latest in comfort evolution called Water Gradient technology.  This mean that the lens has an increased amount of water content on the front and back surface which gives a cushion of moisture on the eye.  Patients respond extremely well to the product and love wearing contacts lenses again. The best part of Dailies Total 1 is that it doesn't sacrifice health benefits such as oxygen permeability.  According to Alcon it is six times more breathable than the other daily disposables.  This makes prescribing Total 1 a win for both patients and doctors.

If you would like to try Dailies Total 1 and see how much better your  contact lens wearing experience can be then make an appointment with us at your convenience.  We look forward to taking care of you and your eye care needs!