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Face Lift Customized to Your Needs

Cosmetic facial plastic surgery may be right for you if you’re looking to address visible signs of aging such as midfacial sagging, wrinkles below your eyelids, baggy eyes, creases near the nose and the corner of your mouth or if you are experiencing drooping eyes or a sagging or furrowed brow. Oculofacial surgery may be a good option for you.

A Highly Specialized Difference

Eyelid, brow and mid-facial procedures aren’t the same as those for the rest of your body. Oculoplastic surgeons are highly specialized to treat the delicate skin, muscles and nerves in the external structures of the eye. Oculoplastic surgery usually yields better outcomes and a better, more natural appearance than conventional plastic surgery. Advanced training involving a fellowship in oculoplastics and board certification in ophthalmology are required to become an oculoplastic surgeon. Dr. Goyal belongs to a small, select group of physicians in the nation who have completed this complex and sophisticated training.

A More Natural Appearance

The region’s most reputable physicians regularly refer their patients to The Eye Associates Group for safer, more naturally appearing brow lift, cosmetic eyelid surgery and mid-face lift procedures. The reason is simple: We are experts in navigating the complex anatomy of nerves, muscles and ducts surrounding the eyes and sinuses. We can gently and safely rework your skin to bring out the real you… without damaging the inner workings of your face – and without making you look “pulled.”

Mid-Face Lift

This procedure does what most face-lift techniques do not: enhance the area directly below the eyes, in the upper cheek area where those telltale “hollow” spots begin to form with age. Dr. Goyal can correct this effect and give you the youthful look you want.

Our cosmetic and facial reconstruction patients come to us from Mt Kisco, Greenwich, Rye, Wappingers Falls, White Plains and nearby communities. Contact us if you’ve been searching for a “top eye doctor near me” or “top ophthalmologist near me.”

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