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What Is YAG Capsulotomy?

After cataract surgery, your vision can become cloudy, like it was when you had a cataract. This is sometimes called "after-cataract." But it isn't a new cataract. Instead, the posterior capsule, which holds the lens in place, becomes cloudy. Your eye doctor can most likely restore your vision. A laser treatment called YAG capsulotomy is used.

Your Eye After Cataract Surgery

When your cataract was removed, your eye's lens was replaced with an intraocular lens, or IOL. This new clear lens is placed in the posterior capsule, which held the old cloudy lens. You could see again because the IOL allowed light to reach your retina (a layer that lines the back of the eye).

If the Capsule Becomes Cloudy

The posterior capsule is a thin, clear film, much like a piece of cellophane. Months or even years after cataract surgery, the posterior capsule can become cloudy. This may block light from reaching the retina.

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