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YAG Capsulotomy: How a YAG Laser WorksCapsulotom­a YAG: C³mo funciona el l¡ser YAG

YAG Capsulotomy: How a YAG Laser Works

A laser is a powerful beam of energy that can be focused on a tiny point. Because a laser can be precisely controlled, it is safe and reliable.

The YAG Laser

For a capsulotomy, your eye doctor uses a YAG laser. The YAG laser delivers tiny, rapid bursts of energy. A special contact lens may be used to help focus the laser on the treatment spot. The laser passes through the front of the eye and the IOL (the replacement lens placed during cataract surgery) without harming them. When the laser reaches the posterior capsule, it makes a tiny opening. Light can then enter the eye again. Enough of the posterior capsule is left to hold the IOL in place.

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