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After Cataract Surgery: Long-Term Eye CareDespu©s de la operaci³n de cataratas: cuidado del ojo a largo plazo

After Cataract Surgery: Long-Term Eye Care

After cataract surgery, having regular eye exams is the best way to check the health of your eyes and maintain good vision. Schedule exams at least once a year.



Vision often improves quickly after surgery. But you may still need new eyeglasses to fine-tune your vision. Your eye doctor will test your vision while you're healing. Once you're fully recovered, you'll be given a new eyeglass prescription.

Treating a Secondary Cataract

Months or years after surgery, a secondary cataract sometimes forms. This is caused by cells growing between your new lens and the capsule that holds it. A secondary cataract is not painful. But it may cause vision problems similar to the original cataract. In most cases, a secondary cataract can be treated in your eye doctor's office.


Laser Treatment

Laser treatment (YAG capsulotomy) is used to remove secondary cataracts. This is a painless procedure that uses a laser beam to make a small opening in the eye's capsule. This allows more light to enter, and quickly improves your vision. Laser treatment usually takes just a few minutes to perform.

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