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Welcome to the comprehensive medical library of Eye Care Professionals . The information shared below is provided to you as an educational and informational source only and is not intended to replace a medical examination or consultation, or medical advice given to you by a physician or medical professional.

Signs of Eye Problems in ChildrenIndicios de problemas de la vista en los ni±os

Signs of Eye Problems in Children

Children's eyes change rapidly, and problems can occur at any age. It's important to observe your child's eyes and to pay attention to how your child acts and what he or she says.

ImageHow Your Child's Eyes Appear

  • Eyes that cross or one eye that turns in, out, up, or down

  • One eye that seems different in some way, such as a larger or smaller pupil

  • Crusty, swollen, bloodshot, or red-rimmed eyes

  • Eyes that water a lot

  • Any discharge, bleeding, or red bumps on the eyelids

  • A pupil that shows a white rather than a red reflection in a color photograph

How Your Child Behaves

  • Closing one eye or turning or tilting the head to see things

  • Squinting to see things in the distance

  • Not seeing things you point out

  • Consistently holding objects close to the face or sitting very close to the TV

  • Blinking or rubbing one eye a lot

  • Running into objects or falling down at night or in places that aren't well lit

ImageWhat Your Child Says

  • Can't see the chalkboard at school

  • Things looking blurry or funny

  • Eyes itch, burn, or feel scratchy

  • Was hit in the eye or has something in one eye

  • One or both eyes hurt, or has pain in or around one or both eyes

  • Light makes the eyes hurt

Headaches and Dyslexia

Headaches (head pain) and dyslexia (an inability to recognize letters and words) usually aren't due to eye problems. But if your child has either problem, he or she should have an eye exam to rule out eye conditions or vision problems.

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